Outlook Calendar Issues

Problem:  Calendar changes won’t stick.

Solution: Turn off “Download shared folders” in the Advanced setting



  1. On the File tab, click Account Settings in the Account Settings list.
  2. In the Account Settings dialog box, click the E-mail tab and then double-click your Microsoft Exchange Server account.
  3. In the Change Account dialog box, click More Settings.
  4. In the Microsoft Exchange dialog box, click the Advanced tab.
  5. Click to clear the Download shared folders check box.

Asterisk Error on FreePBX

#tail /var/log/asterisk/full

  • WARNING[16773] db.c: Couldn’t prepare statement ‘CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS astdb(key VARCHAR(256), value VARCHAR(256), PRIMARY KEY(key))’: disk I/O error
  • WARNING[16773] db.c: Couldn’t create astdb table: disk I/O error


  • # cd /var/lib/asterisk/
  • # mv astdb.* /backups

(moved astdb.sqlite3 & astdb.sqlite-journal into a backup location.  FreePBX regenerated databases)

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