DOE: Certification Docket

  • Schermerhorn: The earliest U.S. “pile” research was conducted in this building, probably in the area now identified as Lab 218-219. This work would have involved uranium-oxide; however, the scarcity of uranium at that time and the nature of the research would seem to preclude even the possibility of significant contamination. Indeed, radiation levels above background were not detected in this area. It is noted that gaseous diffusion R&D and a barrier production pilot plant operation were carried out probably in a courtyard area now used for fuel oil storage. Floor surfaces in this area are new since the MED project. No elevated radioactivity levels could be detected in this area.

SMTP Settings

The SMTP settings on the iPhone are:

  • Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Columbia
  • Click on IMAP Account
  • Click on Outgoing Mail Server -> SMTP
  • Click on Primary Server:
  • Delete and re-enter your Columbia password
  • Click Done and back out of everything

The SMTP settings for Apple Mail are:

  • Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts
  • Under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), click on the drop-down menu and choose “Edit SMTP Server List”
  • Click on and “Advanced” and enter your Columbia password
  •  Click OK and back out of everything.

Zimbra MTA (Message Transfer Agent)

  • Zimbra Administration -> Configure -> Global Settings -> MTA
  • Protocol Checks:
  • reject_invalid_helo_hostname – Hostname in greeting violates RFC
  • reject_non_fqdn_helo_hostname – Client must greet with a fully qualified hostname
  • reject_non_fqdn_sender – Sender address must be fully qualified
  • DNS Checks:
  • reject_unknown_client_hostname – Client’s IP address
  • reject_unknown_helo_hostname – Hostname in greeting
  • reject_unknown_sender_domain – Sender’s domain
  • Client RBLs