Matlab vs. PsychToolBox: 'Screen' error

  • Undefined function or method ‘Screen’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.
  • ‘Screen’ is not a MATLAB function. You might want to type in ‘which Screen’ on your macbook pro to locate the corresponding code, and then copy over the package if appropriate.
    Are you sure you added the PTB to MATLAB’s path? As the PTB is not a native MATLAB toolbox, just because you downloaded it doesn’t mean that MATLAB can see it. Make sure wherever you downloaded the PTB toolbox, you add this directory to MATLAB’s path.

Fitbit Charger Reset

  • In the event of an emergency — like if your device freezes up — you can hard reset it by plugging it into the charger and then holding the physical button for ten seconds. The device will power-off and then display the Fitbit logo and a software version number once it restarts. After that, you should be all set!

Matlab & Dinosaurs

  • Carving a Dinosaur
    This is a demo of reconstructing a 3D shape from multiple images using a simple space-carving approach. This technique is usually used when you need a 3D model of a small artefact which can be placed on a turntable, allowing dozens, even hundreds of images to be captured from around the object. It has been used pretty successfully by museums and the like to create online virtual galleries.