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200C: Poster Printer Tips

How to print your poster:

  1. Save as a pdf.
  2. Open it in Preview.
  3. Click on “print”
  4. Go to Paper Size -> Manage Custom Sizes
  5. Enter in your size. (NOTE the printer width is 42″.).
  6. Click on “Scale to Fit” then “Fill Entire Paper”
  7. Make sure it looks okay in the little preview window.
  8. Print.

Note: if your poster is looking really wacky in the print preview window, try resizing your original .ppt file to be the same size you want it to print, then convert again to .pdf, then print. You may try to uncheck the auto rotate.
Using PPT to print your poster?

  1. Print -> deselect “Scale to Fit Paper”
  2. Paper Handling -> select “Scale to fit Paper Size” -> Destination: 42″x_______
  3. Check in Preview
  4. Print

Alternate Instructions for PowerPoint files

  1. In the Print dialog, select Page Setup.
  2. Note the Width and Height of the document.
  3. Still in Page Setup, click Options.
  4. Select Paper Size > Manage Custom Sizes…
  5. Determine the scale of the printer relative to the document.
    For example, with a document size of 48W x 36H, this would be 1⅙:1 (42/36).
  6. The width of the custom paper size will be 42″.
  7. Multiply the document width by your ratio to get the Height for the custom paper size.
  8. Locate or create a new size having these dimensions.
  9. The non-printable area on the top may be about 1-2″.
  10. See how it looks in the preview window, toggling the scale to fit option if necessary.
  11. Try printing, and hit the cancel button on the printer if something looks wrong. Make adjustments where needed.