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Adobe Acrobat Pro

A&S IT is happy to offer our departments, institutes, and centers a license for Adobe Acrobat Pro (“DC”) at $80. This is $40 less than the educational discount from Adobe, who normally charge us $120 per license. Advantages:
  • Managed and installed by ASIT — no software disks to lose, no serial keys to lose.
  • Available for both PC and Mac
  • Good for 2 installations (e.g., desktop and laptop).
  • If interested, please send Jai Kasturi an email with a chartstring, and specify if this is for PC or Mac, and how many licenses you’d like.

ASIT: Drive Maps

  • From Jai at CUIT:  All A&S departmental staff will have access to two shared “network folders.” These are intended to be used by administrators and their  staff, not faculty or students.
  • The “J drive” gives you and your staff 100gb of drive space to use for departmental business in any way you see fit. There is a general “share” folder for all the departmental staff, and DAAFs can request additional  folders be created here with special or limited access as needed.
  • The “X drive” allows you to exchange documents, policies, and information with the A&S EVP office staff. It will be widely used by the EVP office going forward to communicate with you.