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Columbia: Multi-Factor Authentication

  • As part of our continued efforts to secure our systems, CUIT is implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to strengthen user authentication in certain applications. MFA requires that you validate your identity via a separate mechanism before proceeding in your access to a system.
  • We intend to use MFA for accessing information in our human resources system through the MyColumbia self-service portal in the coming weeks. With the exception of support staff, all employees, which includes officers, faculty, and student staff will be required to log in using MFA effective January 25th, 2017. Support staff will be required to log in using MFA effective February 8th, 2017.

CUIT Data Storage

  • CUIT is offering backed up data at the rate of 1tb/$450/year that you can map to your pc or mac to access it like a drive. It is certified for PHI or PII.
  • If you also want a small server or desktop to access it with, CUIT can host a small virtual server (2 cpu’s, 4gb RAM, 50gb drive space) for you, for $102/month.
  • You can increase those specs (for instance if you also want to run software applications on that virtual server) at more cost
  • If you want a small server and 1tb of space, together they would cost $1500 annually approximately.
  • CUIT will take care of all maintenance, patching, security, and backups.