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Columbia: Deregister DNS


CUIT Data Storage

  • CUIT is offering backed up data at the rate of 1tb/$450/year that you can map to your pc or mac to access it like a drive. It is certified for PHI or PII.
  • If you also want a small server or desktop to access it with, CUIT can host a small virtual server (2 cpu’s, 4gb RAM, 50gb drive space) for you, for $102/month.
  • You can increase those specs (for instance if you also want to run software applications on that virtual server) at more cost
  • If you want a small server and 1tb of space, together they would cost $1500 annually approximately.
  • CUIT will take care of all maintenance, patching, security, and backups.


  • http://library.columbia.edu/locations/dsc/crystalmaker.html
  • “Columbia University Libraries has acquired a site license for CrystalMaker, a program for building, displaying, manipulating and animating all kinds of crystal & molecular structures. Featuring stunning, real-time graphics and powerful yet accessible tools.  It is currently only available for Windows, but we will assess the possibility of obtaining the Mac license in the coming months.”