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Mathworks: Support Changes

New Platforms:

  • macOS Sierra 10.12: Support begins with R2016b
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Support begins with R2016b

Dropped Platforms:

  • Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2: Support was dropped as of R2016b.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11: Support was dropped as of R2016b.

Matlab & Sierra

  • “The new version of macOS 10.12 “Sierra”, released today, introduces changes that impact many non-United States regions and locales. These changes are not currently compatible with any version of MATLAB. We recommend that you learn more on mathworks.com and do not upgrade to macOS 10.12 at this time if you are impacted. “

Matlab Access Unavailable

  • From Karl Pettus: “The access to the Matlab license 650045 for asset managers, now called administrators, appears to be unavailable. A case number has been opened at Matlab and the manager for our account has also been notified.”
  • Update (7/19): “To get activation keys and/or activate a license server or otherwise download, install or activate software, contact the installation and activation technical support team: 508-647-7000, press 3, press 1”
  • Update(7/28):  “The good news is that the Matlab license file expiration date has been extended to 30 Sep 2016!  While the contract is still in negotiation, this allows your servers as well as all standalone and designated activations to continue to function through to that date. When the contract is finalized and the license file expiration date is extended to June 30, 2017, this process will need to be repeated before the current September 30, 2016 expiration.”

Matlab: MEvent. CASE!

  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24610534/deactivate-mevent-case-in-java-ides
  • See your userpath by typing userpath in MATLAB console: For linux it is: home/username/Documents/MATLAB/
  • Create a file ‘startup.m’ having only one line, which will disable Mevent.CASE! (Below is the text to copy)

    !synclient HorizEdgeScroll=0 HorizTwoFingerScroll=0

  • Place the created startup.m file in your userpath folder as defined in MATLAB.
  • Now as soon as you place this file in your userpath, restart MATLAB.
  • Verify by seeing ans = 0 in the workspace section.