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ROLM Phone: Password Reset

  • http://cuit.columbia.edu/rolm-phone-tutorial
  • To create or change a password you will need to know the current password attached to your extension. If you don’t know what it is, send a request to the CUIT Service Desk at askcuit@columbia.edu or call 212-854-1919.
  • The password on your extension will be set to the default password “111” by the following day. With the default password you will be able to get into PhoneMail and create a password of your own choosing.

ROLM Phone: Conference Call

  • https://cuit.columbia.edu/rolm-phone-tutorial
  • CONF (Conference Call) – Allows up to eight parties to be brought into a conversation.
  • Dial the first person’s extension (or 93 + outside number)
  • Press FLASH.
  • Dial the next person’s extension (or 93 plus outside number).
  • Inform the called party that this is a conference call.
  • Press CONF (or FLASH * 4) to connect that person. If a call is refused, or if extension is busy or unanswered, reenter the    conference by pressing CONNECT.
  • To add another party, repeat steps listed above, starting with Press FLASH.
  • To drop the last party connected, press FLASH and * * 4.