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Sharing Excel Documents

  • http://smallbusiness.chron.com/make-excel-allow-multiple-users-71302.html
  • Open the workbook and make any final changes to the design and structure of the workbook so that it’s ready for use.
  • Select the “Review” tab and then click the “Share Workbook” command in the Changes section of the ribbon. The Share Workbook dialog box opens.
  • Check the box next to “Allow Changes by More Than One User at the Same Time.”Click “OK” to save the settings. Excel prompts you to save the workbook.
  • Save the workbook to a shared location on the network.

Samba Shares

path = /home/<user_name>/<folder_name>
available = yes
valid users = <user_name>
read only = no
browseable = yes
public = yes
writable = yes

  • sudo restart smbd
  • testparm