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Dell Inspiron 11-3147: Troubleshooting Tips

Hardware - Dell_Inspiron_11_Inside

Lenovo T400S: Fan Error

HP Printer: 10.92.00 Cartridges Not Engaged

  1. Open and then close the front door.
  2. Make sure all the print cartridges are seated correctly.
  3. Inspect each cartridge for broken parts. if so replace the cartridge
  4. Inspect each cartridge lock-lever (on the right side). Open the front door and remove all cartridges and the ETB. Then use the ETB holder on the right side to move the lock-levers up and down. Replace the cartridge lock if it is broken.
  5. Inspect the right side cam. This piece controls the movement of the cartridge engagement arm, the cartridge shutters, and the OPC drive. You can inspect this piece without taking off the covers by wiggling the white rod arm on the right side of the ETB. If it moves easily, the part is broken and should be replaced.
  6. Inspect the ribbon cables. Folded or damaged ribbon cables can cause a short that generates an error.
  7. Inspect the cartridge guide rails to see if any are damaged.
  8. Upgrade the DC controller firmware.
  9. Clean the contacts on the memory controller PCA.
  10. On the DC controller, make sure that connections are seated correctly.
  11. On the driver PCA, make sure that connections are seated correctly.
  12. Check the gears on the print-cartridge drive motors. Replace defective motors.
  13. Replace cartridge drive

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